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04/03/04 - The 20th episode is finished - yay!

03/06/04 - Two more episodes up!
12/06/03 - ... and two more; slow and steady!
11/08/03 - Did another episode! Yay!
10/28/03 - Another episode transcript added
09/20/03 - After a prolonged absence, I return with not one, not two, but three episodes transcribed. Whew!
05/27/02 - Yes, the 10th episode! And to celebrate, an episode summaries page! Whoo!
05/04/02 - Yet another episode!
04/15/02 - Surprisingly, an update - two more episodes!
01/20/02 - Two more episodes, plus the theme song!
11/27/01 - More industriousness from me; a fourth episode!
11/26/01 - Me not lazy, for I have done the second and third episodes!
10/13/01 - I got off my lazy butt and typed up my notes for the first Episode! Read them here!
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